Everyday is kid's day... even family picture day.

Something I feel very passionate about is capturing childhood in it's natural habitat: playgrounds, playrooms, playing with bubbles, siblings or parents. Basically, I want to make the kids happy for pictures because that's what you want to remember! I like to think of photographs as a glimpse into your life - does your child sit around and force him/herself to smile? That's no fun for anyone! Gone are the days of going to Wal-Mart or JC Penney for stuffy fake smiles! Here are some reasons why I prefer candid over posed photos:

  • Someday you will look back and love seeing the memories of your child being a child.
  • You can use them as blackmail for when they act out as a teenager. (I capture crying moments too).
  •  Your family is unlike anyone else's. Why would you want photographs that say otherwise?
  • I've always had a rebellious streak, and this is my act of defiance against all the cliche pinterest photos out there :)
  • I promise these special types of photos will warm your heart again and again.

"It's my party and I'll cry if I want to!"

On the other hand, this is an awesome photo for blackmail purposes....  Me and my younger brother, circa 1989.

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