Atlanta's BeltLine: Picture perfect

If you live in or around Atlanta, Georgia, chances are that you've heard of the Atlanta BeltLine. But have you actually checked it out? I have to confess I've only been to part of it, but it's awesome!!! Perfect for a long walk, run... or photoshoot! The section of the belt line in the photos is the Eastside Trail. I happen to already love graffiti, and the belt line is packed with tasteful graffiti art as well as sculpture, scenic views of the city, and even a skate park! The best part is that you end up either at Inman Park's Pure Taqueria or Piedmont Park's Park Tavern.... either way there is beer and/or cheese dip!!!!  

The Eastside Trail is easy to find: Just start at the corner of 10th street and Monroe Dr. located across from Park Tavern by Piedmont Park. Check out more info here: the Eastside Trail BeltLine.